Our mission is to honor and sustain the memory of John R. Zecchino by caring for, and helping others in a manner that is consistent with John’s loving heart, giving spirit, and unique style ...Or simply said, “In John’s Way.”


John had a very special way of helping so many people struggling with the unexpected challenges life brought their way. The endless letters and cards people sent to us describing how John’s kindness changed their lives for the better, has inspired our family to continue John’s work.


John’s Way is dedicated to improving the lives of children, seniors, American military families, and any individual or family faced with overwhelming  obstacles such as; health issues, unexpected disasters, abuse, and neglect. Our goal is to provide relief and support to make a positive change in their  lives.

Every June, an annual fundraiser is held in memory of John and all the things he loved. It is an evening of music, food, cocktails, raffles, auctions, and best of all, family and friends.



Jerome Bettis' Grille 36

North Shore Riverfront Park

393 North Shore Drive

Pittsburgh, PA 15212


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